If you’re new to art and don’t know where to begin; already making art but need guidance; or somewhere in between, Lauren will be your cheering, gentle guide.

Creativity is a gift of being human – no experience required

  • Do you want to try making art but don’t know where to start?
  • Would you like a thoughtful, supportive guide to share your art with, someone who could help move you forward?
  • Would you like to create on a more regular basis and could use someone to be 
  • Are you looking for a new medium, or need some help with one you’re working with?
  • Did you have a negative experience with a teacher long ago but want to give yourself another try with art?

Offered in Lauren’s home studio, by phone, or online via Skype or Facetime.
5-session discount: $475
One-hour: $100

It can be hard to begin making art…

It can be hard to begin making art – where to begin? It’s hard to keep an art practice going. There are so many pulls in our lives, so much to distract us, and often, a distracting inner critic who gets in the way of our innate knowing.

Lauren’s been helping people find the essence of themselves through their work for many years, from the east coast to the west.

Together, you’ll figure out the best medium for your personal voice and vision. Don’t yet have a vision? You’ll figure it out together.  And Lauren can help you deal with your inner critic, allowing you to find your joy in your work.

What Lauren’s Coaching looks like:

  • Meet online with Skype or Facetime; or talk by Phone. If you’re near Bethesda, MD, meet in Lauren’s studio.
  • Take time to share where you’re at in your creative life, and where you’d like to be
  • I’ll give you new ideas for new media, concepts and techniques
  • Lauren will be there for you, to keep you on track, and to help you find the incredible richness in your work.
  • If you’re new to art, Lauren will help you cross into the wonderful world of creativity.
  • No prior experience is needed, at all – just a willingness to be open…

What you can expect from Lauren…

  • Gentle encouragement
  • A truly listening ear and a discerning eye
  • A sincere respect for your own unique creative process
  • Knowledge of a wide array of media, and artists to inspire you

Lauren’s coaching is offered In her home studio, by phone, or online via Skype or Facetime. These are easy to set up – and we can help you.

What Lauren’s coach-ees say…

“I had been so afraid of art. Now I see the unique creative power in me, and let it free to blossom.”

“Your gentle coaching brings me to a place of self observation and understanding that I never imagined.”

“For me, coaching with Lauren is an extraordinary private retreat – a haven to explore without boundaries.”

“YOU are the most amazing woman and creative coach. Always full of love, guidance and bits of wisdom you gently encourage me to find my own path. The process is SO cool.”

“SUCH a wonderful session today, Lauren. I am still carrying around such a glowing feeling and spirit inside.”

“I am trying (and succeeding) to work every day. I continue to see art everywhere. And I appreciate you more than I can say.”

“Lauren, It was so lovely to meet with you yesterday. Thank you for turning my eyes in a new direction.”


Private coaching 5-session discount: $475. One-hour of private coaching: $100.
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