If you’re looking for a spirited and rewarding way to grow innovation and enhance camaraderie, Lauren offers years of expertise

Lauren’s creativity coaching can help an organization nurture empathy, inspire innovation, build collaboration, and strengthen problem-solving.

What makes Lauren’s team building retreats so special?

  • Purposeful Creativity

Lauren’s unique teaching method, Purposeful Creativity, enables easy access to creativity and leads to palpable growth in just one session – though you’ll likely want more.

  • Lauren’s gentle way

Lauren has been teaching art since she was 17, and has led hundreds of successful creativity groups. Her warm and supportive steerage has turned many an uncertain beginner into a confident creator. Past participants best reflect the experience of working with Lauren in their own words, below.


Lauren’s retreats are good for business

  • Because they spark imagination
  • Because Art-making is creative problem-solving
  • Because problem-solving leads to innovation
  • Because they’ll both deepen and strengthen your group’s relationships
  • Because they wake up dormant parts of our brains and leave you energized
  • Because you’ll look at the world with fresh eyes

Your team will love creating with Lauren’s gentle guidance: 

“I know that the creative process I learned in your workshop plays an immense role in my saying yes to new ventures.”

“It was a wonderful day of creativity, warmth, inspiration, and learning on so many levels.  I love what you do and how well you do it!”

“Your gentle coaching brings me to a place of self observation and understanding that I never imagined.”

“Listening to each person’s explanation of their piece was profoundly fascinating.”
“Thanks so much for putting together a wonderful workshop.
“It was amazing! I loved the mixture of fun, honesty, spirituality.. it was like a vacation day from life.”
“You set the standard, Lauren”
“What an inspiring day!”

Purposeful Creativity

Lauren’s 3-layered approach to enriching life through art:

Writing and Jumping-off-points:
Lauren will offer jumping-off-points as a way to get in touch with our quiet inner voice. This bit of private writing will launch our time together, fostering the safety needed to allow creative juices to flow. Concerns that can accompany trying something new will be released onto the page, and the freedom to create will be unlocked.

Choosing from an inventory of ideas she’s cultivated throughout her life, Lauren will design an art project geared especially for your group.  Tantalizing and luxurious materials, and an idea-generating intro will make easy entree into the joys of free flowing creativity.

This is often where the real magic happens. Through sharing our work, we see our own and one-another’s uniqueness. The unique quality of our artwork highlights the simple truth that we each have something of unique value to contribute to this group and to the world.
(Sharing is always optional to allow for the greatest honesty in our work. But almost always, everyone chooses to share).

Timeline of a workshop…

  1. Lauren will offer a few words about our instinctive creativity, and the importance of each person’s unique voice.
  2. She’ll introduce the project and share techniques. Lauren will offer a jumping-off-point and we’ll write a bit to get things flowing.
  3. Art-making! Lauren will guide you with a gentle enthusiasm and the utmost respect for the creative process.
  4. We’ll write again, reflecting upon our work and the experience of making it.
  5. We’ll share. Sharing is about empathetic listening. This is real bonding time, and often a favorite part of the workshops.
  6. We’ll conclude our time together, considering what we’ve learned and how we can take it into our work and our world.


What you can expect from Lauren…

  • A deep understanding of fostering group wellness
  • Gentle encouragement
  • A listening ear, discerning eye
  • Gentle, enthusiastic, innovative leadership
  • A sincere respect for each person’s unique creative process
  • Knowledge of a wide array of media, and artists to inspire you


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