“Your class is one of the highlights of my life!”

“Your class is a balm.”

“amazing, amazing class”

“I am looking forward to what I regard as my peaceful island in the whirring world around me!”

“I am spreading the news to friends who I think would benefit/enjoy/grow with such an experience.”

“Thank you for all the creativity and spirit you’ve infused in my life since taking your classes. Reconnection with the artist that I left behind at age 18 has been one of my great joys in the last couple of years.”

“The class has been a joy!”

“I’ve taken so many art classes over the years, and this one really hit a nerve. You are so calm, and non-judgmental. Thank you so much for your quiet insight.”

“You and your wonderful class have contributed so much to my life–I’m very grateful. Art really is “permission to fly.”

“You are such a genius at disarming fear and introducing all of us to the deep pleasure of making art”

”I’ve really enjoyed the class and your quiet calm resonates with me at unexpected moments. You are truly a great teacher.”

”This was a life-altering experience for me. And with such incredible, generous spirited women. I can conjure up the feelings of Wednesday mornings at will. Just the boost I needed.”

“Your class is the thing I look forward to all week!”

“Your classes enrich my life tremendously.”

“Lauren, I enjoy every single project you plan.”

“I love having projects that have allowed me to ‘dig in’ and find something I didn’t know what was there–surprise, inspiration, whatever you call it…I’ve been searching for something that fit, and your class has been it for me.”

“Your classes are a perfect model for life: (1) time for oneself (2) no judgement (3) take as long as you want (3) share only if u want (4) do whatever u want (5)excellent company

“You put so much thought into the assignments and are really so supportive of us, providing just the right amount of guidance.”

”Thank you so much for sharing your way of seeing and creating beauty and reflection- I’ve learned a lot in this process.”

”I highly recommend this class to anyone who has ever considered getting to know their creative side…. I have signed up to take it for the third time. As a woman and a mother, I spend much of my time giving to others. I look forward to this time for myself. I am learning to relax and get to know my unique creativity, enjoying the process of making art, as well as making friends.

”Thank you, Lauren, for providing such a wonderful atmosphere to work and grow. This has been a great experience.”

”I enjoyed the class, not just for for the pleasure of creating things, but also because it was always such fun to see what other people — working in entirely different ways — did with the same projects.”

“Lauren is a gifted artist and teacher. Taking a class or workshop with her is a beautiful gift to yourself. You will be amazed at what you can create with her guidance and inspiration, as you tap into a place within yourself that you may not have known even existed.”

“Lauren is a talented artist who generously shares her skill and sensitivity with those wishing to find/explore their own creative/artistic “self”. Her ability to teach, model and encourage is extraordinary. She sees the expressive gifts within each person and encourages her students to bring them forth, with often amazing results.”

“I have been taking Lauren’s classes for a number of years and I can only begin to tell you what working with her has done for me. I came to Lauren to touch my inner creative spirit which had been thwarted all my life, and her techniques encourage everyone to freely express themselves and rejoice in their work. She has opened a part of me that I thought I would never experience. I highly recommend Lauren not only as a incredible artist and instructor, but also as a unbelievably kind and generous woman.”

”Lauren, I think you act as a mirror to people, so that they can see the value and quality that is inside them, which they express through their art. What I find so beautiful in the way you teach the class is that you provide the context where people can open up, and then you are able (with all the gentleness and love that you have so much of) to see some aspect of wonderfulness in each student’s work, and share that insight with each person. I think we all have times when we can’t see our own wonderfulness and beauty, and you do an outstanding job of allowing that to come out, and then giving it back to your students.”

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