A spirited and rewarding way for organizations to stimulate innovation, build camaraderie, and reawaken problem-solving

Cards workshop
Wooden block workshop (most requested)

Lauren Rader draws on a lifetime of creativity and coaching to foster personal growth and team well-being.

Artist, teacher and author of Studio Stories: Illuminating Our Lives Through Art, Lauren will tailor your workshop to your group’s objectives.

Purposeful Creativity provides stimulating, yet challenging, group experiences that flex creative muscles, producing a host of benefits. These structured group activities:

  • Promote emotional intelligence and inclusion
  • Encourage problem-solving and innovation
  • Deepen and strengthen group bonds
  • Reveal untapped creativity
  • Help us see the world with fresh eyes

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A 3-layered approach

A typical Purposeful Creativity exercise is built around this time-tested sequence:


Opening the Way:
Lauren offers a prompt, chosen by the team leader and Lauren prior to the workshop.  Participants reflect on the prompt, jotting down their thoughts, often gaining new insights through this initial writing.


With Lauren’s guidance, and inspiring materials to choose from, each participant creates their own piece of personal art.


Participants share their work with one another, reflecting on their work, the process and what they noticed through the experience. Participants learn about one another in a truly meaningful way. This is where the real magic happens.

Wooden boats workshop
Collage workshop
Prayer flag workshop

“Lauren draws on her exceptional blend of artistry and intuition to create a powerful group experience that enriches both individual participants and the team as a whole.     The real payoff comes when participants share their creations and reflections with one another, nurturing a deeper sense of empathy and connection.”
Rene Carew, Conference Program Director, The Conference Board


“Lauren’s creativity workshop for our public policy seminar was the perfect confidence and team building experience. Many of our participants were nervous about trying their hand at art, but they learned so much about themselves and each other, and had a terrific time while doing it! The evening was a huge success.”
Sarah Bruno, Executive Director, The Public Leadership Education Network (PLEN)

Plasticine clay workshop
Wooden block workshop

Your team will be inspired and empowered:

“I know that the creative process I learned in your workshop plays an immense role in my saying yes to new ventures.”

“It was a wonderful day of creativity, warmth, inspiration, and learning on so many levels.  I love what you do and how well you do it!”

“Your gentle coaching brings me to a place of self-observation and understanding that I never imagined.”

“Listening to each person’s explanation of their piece was profoundly fascinating.”

“You offer a rich multi-layered process that is magical.”

Lauren’s Philosophy

Lauren has been creating and teaching art all her life and has led hundreds of successful creativity groups. She believes that we are all born with an innate creative instinct, and that reconnecting with our inner creativity helps better connect us with ourselves, those around us, and the world.  Her warm, encouraging guidance has turned many an uncertain beginner into a confident creator.  Lauren brings a deep knowledge of media and technique, an innate talent for drawing out hidden creativity, a sincere respect for each person’s unique creative process, and a proven ability to nurture positive group dynamics.  See Lauren’s bio. Lauren in Forbes.

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