5 Ways to Artfully Greet Your Day

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This is what I know: The sun came up today.

One of the best perks of living a life of art-making is that you get to pay attention. You get to notice the everyday with your artist’s eyes. You get to see how light curls around a tree; how the unique silhouette of someone you love meanders and curves; how the shadow splays from your coffee cup when it’s lit by the morning sun.

Presence. Awareness. Observation. They deepen our days, enrich our senses, and make way for fulfillment and gratitude.

One way to engage creativity is to start each morning noticing. Wade Davis, in his foreword to Nilda Callanaupa Alvarez’s Weaving in the Peruvian Highlands, relates this beautiful Quechua tradition: “At dawn, the first member of the family to go outside formally greeted the Sun.” Wow. After I read that, I started greeting the sun each morning too. Here are 5 more ways to begin your day:


5 Ways to Artfully Greet Your Day:

1. Notice: look out your window. I don’t really believe in good weather or bad weather – it’s all pretty great when you look at it as an artist – the sunshiny days with intense shadows; the cloudy, moody days worthy of a painting; the wet days where the rain deepens the colors of everything it touches. Take it in. Notice.

2. Write: start your day with pen to paper. Even writing a few words allows our quiet inner voice to come through the din. You’ll find creativity here.

3. Shower: yes, shower! Ever notice how ideas flow with the water? We need moments without distraction for creative thought. And those negative ions don’t hurt either.

4. Walk: walking is one of my favorite paths to access pure and free contemplation. I love walking in nature, but walking anywhere will inspire free association.

5. Draw: the feel of moving a pen/pencil/pastel across your paper will soothe your soul and prepare you for a day of creativity and looking. Draw freeform or something you see. It doesn’t matter – just draw.

Do you have a creative morning routine? Do you start your day with meditation? With writing or art?  I’d love to hear how you start the day.

In my next post, I’ll share 5 of My Favorite Art Supplies. See you then!
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