5 Ways to Let Loose in the Studio

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This is what I know: Making art can be incredibly joyful.

There are exhilarating stretches when there is no time, no judgment, nothing in existance but you and your art. Your paintbrush and hand joined as one, color magically finding it’s way around the canvas; the soft, smooth stroke of charcoal swooping around the paper like a bird in the sky. There’s a feeling that the work isn’t coming from you, but through you. Times when making art is a tremendous high.

So how do we get to those moments? How do we break free from our judging, calculating minds? How do we find that connection to our work in a distracting world? How do we release our innermost selves into freedom and creativity? How do we let go? I’m glad you asked. There are tons of ways, and here are 5 of them…


5 Ways to Let Loose in the Studio:

1. Music: crank it up! Art & music go together like ice cream and hot fudge. Throw on some music that resonates with the energy you’re looking for in your work. Something that will put you in the right mood. I’ve got lots of faves. I often work to Radiohead’s In Rainbows. Oh baby! Dancing is totally recommended. I’ll do a longer post on studio music next week…

2. Start: begin with throwaways. Take out some oil pastels and inexpensive paper. Draw with abandon. Break the pastels in half and rip off the wrapping. Use the side of the pastel. Layer colors. Play. Tear up the drawings. Put them back together. There’s no right or wrong. You can throw them out – they’re warmups!

3. Go big: get physical. Making art is a physical act. Your body is connected to those creating implements. Use it! Go big. Grab a large pad of cheap newsprint. Break out the charcoal, and MOVE. Let the music be your guide as you let the charcoal glide along the page. When you feel done, just move on to the next page, and the next. Just keep moving and allow many pages to evolve…


Drawing with Charcoal


4. Go small:  sometimes it’s totally freeing to work on a small scale. I love taking a 5X5″ canvas and just playing with color and line. There’s not as much gravitas when working small – it just feels lighter. Multiply them out and work on a bunch at once and that’s real freedom. Nothing can go wrong – everything can go right.

5. Go where you’ve never gone before: try a new medium. If you’ve been working in paint, try clay. If you’ve been drawing, try wire. When you try something new, you have fewer expectations and can be more gentle with yourself. Art exploration is good for the soul – and good for your art. Every single thing you do in your art will feed everything else you do. It’s all connected and will continually spur you on.

How do you loosen up in the studio? Do tell!

In my next post, I’ll share 5 Ways to Rock Out to in the Studio! See you then!

To all you are,

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